Thursday, August 20, 2015

Old Sturbridge Village

Fall Soccer has stared in our town.  I don't know that because it's on my calendar; I know that because it's in the school fields that are just beyond my picket fence.  There's a buzz in town;  I can feel it without even seeing it.  Parents dropping off their soccer stars for evening practices.  The car doors open and shut.  I like it.  Soccer in my backyard;  really, I do.  I like the fall sports.  I like the happiness; ya know that sound that comes from the fields.

But I'm not quite ready to know just what soccer buzz really means.  It means that back to school is just around the corner.  Just around the corner.

So I woke up my girls; made Abigail's lunch and snacks, and we got in the car.

About 45 minutes away is the delightful Old Sturbridge Village.  It's kind of like stepping back into Laura Ingalls time.  Except that this is the part where Scott tells me I'm years and years off from that.  But really, long dresses, cooking over an open fire, bonnets... it's all the same to me.

And we love it here.  We had the most peaceful, lovely day together.  I soaked it in... my time with my girls.  While the town was all a back to school buzzing we did this:

The girls felted little animals.  Abigail did such a great job on this little sewing project and Anna didn't need any help.


This sweet lady told us all about the history of sewing for girls back then. Girls started to sew at age 4, and by the time they were 12 they were sewing all of their own dresses. I think Anna sometimes wishes she lived back then.


We road a stage coach.


And walked across a bridge from 1761.


We took our time and relaxed over lunch.


They loved the working farm


And thought these roosters were funny.



We sat in a real one room school house.



And stopped for a quick picture on the way out. Scott the principal is already back at his school so it was just me and my girls.


And at the lovely gift shop I added two books to my Tasha Tudor collection. (Corgiville Fair and Pumpkin Moonshine)


It was a perfectly perfect day.

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  1. You need to get your girls those adorable pioneer hats :) We have a few up in the dress up bin at your house. I would have enjoyed that tranquil day trip!

    Tasha Tudor. What can I say. I love her and the beautiful illustrations. Miss C's first alphabet book was A is for AnnaBelle. :) I need to order the Pumpkin Moonshine for fall :)