Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Night Before

Can I just say... I am so so happy that the 'first day of school' is over.

Phew!  That's a lot of work.  And emotions.  And craziness.

And now Anna will be walking in the door in a few minutes from her second day of school.  Somehow I think that two whole school days I'd be 'all caught up.'  The house would be perfect.

And although I've enjoyed the quiet/I can actually hear myself think moments I find myself in a rush trying to get to some things that have been on the list all summer.  I've happily crossed off the LLBean (we have a huge store near us) lunch box return because this year we went with Pottery Barn.  I'm all set for Scott's birthday.  And our dinners since school has started (only two days now) have been stellar.  But the pictures... I still haven't gotten to my pictures!

I asked Scott to take a few of Anna and I on the night before.  And Anna asked me to blow dry her hair.  I love when it's all blown out.  It's so silky smooth, thick, and gorgeous... the opposite of mine.  And when she asks I'm happy to oblige.



What a poor post... but it's the best I can do today. Tomorrow I'm back to my 4:30am schedule so I'm sure to get a better one up tomorrow!

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  1. I always think I'll have so much time to get things done but it just flies by and there is always, always so much more to do!! I love her hair, I always wished mine would be that pretty long instead of stringy and gross. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend together :)