Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Night Before Third Grade

Abigail 2

Dear Abigail,

This is a new year.  And there are a few things I want you to know about this year.  So lean in and listen hard.  But above all put them in your heart.  Because they are true.

You are smart.  You are wise.  You are able.  You can do anything.  You are good at learning.  You are focused.  Your brain is set up tor success in school.  You can do anything in the classroom that the smartest one can do. In fact you are the smartest one.  God created you.  And you are who God says you are.

Never believe the thoughts that tell you, you can't.  Because you can.  Never believe the thoughts that tell you it's too hard.  Because it's not.  Never believe the thoughts that tell you you're not good at it enough.  Because you are 'good at it.'  You can do it.  God created you.  And you are who God says you are.

Every day this takes practice, learning how to treat your heart with kindness.  But I know you can do it.  Because you have a special amazing gift to treat all others with such fierce love and kindness; you just need to touch your own heart with that gentle love.

Abigail 1

This summer I watched and marveled at your growth.  Not in getting taller, although that happened too.  When I brought you to Grandpas show I thought you might want to sing a song in Annie.  But then you were Molly up on that stage.  Focused, happy, loving your new found stage heart.  And you were confident.  Of course all of the kids loved being your friend at Musical Theatre.  And it's no surprise how you attached to all of the adult helpers and blessed their summer.  Because that's just what you do best.

This year, bring Molly to school.  In your heart.  Remember that you did that.  That you 'got that part.'  That you memorized those lines.  That you learned how to do something new, called acting, and you were amazing.  Remember in your heart all that everyone told you after the show.  Replay those over and over when you're sitting in front of math or a whole empty piece of paper for writing.  Remember Molly and that stage and that you knocked our socks off you were so good!  You are still that girl.  And you can do anything.  Even hard things.

I love you sweet pea.  I love you more than anything.  Be happy, and love well this year.  It is the gift God has given you.  And you do it so well.


(lovin the letters behind her in this one)
Abigail 3

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  1. Have a wonderful first day!!! :-)

  2. Mommy said it best, sweet Abigail...
    You can do it!
    You are the happiest girl I know!
    Enjoy third grade!!!! : )