Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Mass and a bit More


It was really special for us this year because Abigail wanted to join the Children's Choir. It was such a blessing to us.

(Pre Mass rehearsal... I love her quirky smile there)




The children's choir stays on the alter for the entire Mass. I loved that.



And then when it is time for the homily Father Tom has ALL of the children that are in the church come up. He sits right there on the floor as talks to them.


Then, (and I don't have a picture of this) during the Eucharistic Prayer all of the children in stay on the alter and raise their hands, lay our their hands as the bread and wine is blessed. It is so absolutely moving and beautiful. There are no words to describe when your child is "that close" to holiness.



Easter dinner is at my Mom and Dads house but we went home after Mass... the girls and I changed back into our jammies and I watched them play with their new things. But first we stopped for like three minutes at a park. It was sooo cold and windy. Some snow was still on the ground but it was worth it!

Because really! Can I not have and Easter post without a kiss? Anna is getting really good with the camera!

7 collage


6 collage



My heart is full!


And we are so blessed!

5 collage

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  1. Tara, you know I love all your photos.
    But that one of you and your girls in the park is MY FAVORITE EVER!!!!!
    It is stunning!!!!!
    Frame it, please! : )


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