Monday, April 20, 2015


We love NYC. And that was why they were so excited with our surprise. We were only gone one night (2 days) but I took over 200 pictures so it just might take me a while to get thought them. Sorry folks. Bits of time.

But oh! We are just a hop, skip, and jump for the Big Apple... a short 2 hour drive. Sometimes we take the train but most of the time we like to drive. (we... meaning Scott... you know I'm in the passengers seat, right?)

So... we love NYC but we also love tea. And we also love anything little girl. We're all working at staying little around here. So this is why they were super excited! Tea at the Plaza!

Do you know this story?


Have you seen the movie? Oh, Eloise is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And if you don't I'll fill you in a bit.

She's a sassy little six year old girl (book character) who "lives" at the Plaza. She gets into all sorts of mischief and she a riot, riot, riot. Well... the world renowned Plaza just opened up a tiny tea room for little girls and their families. We HAD to book a reservation.  This was their reaction


before they even saw this... where we were staying.  Oh la la!


We like to surprise them 'big' even if it's not a big surprise. It was only one night in NYC but we had the music going and hooked the computer up to the the big screen.


Now Anna (these days) does not like a big camera facing her in public. She's okay if I take pictures like crazy of the hotel but "not in the lobby mama" So I didn't. But I wanted to.

It was fancy smancy and Anna knew that we 'were not in Kansas anymore'. So she was trying to fit in. I was trying to capture as much as I could.

Getting out of the elevator it was so pretty.


In this hotel you don't press the elevator buttons yourself. You let the doorman get the door spinning for you. And you certainly don't touch your luggage. (so out of our element)

I have none of that captured; but I do have Abigail off the elevator on our 25th floor.





Old photos, old phone. Old... immaculate, attention to detail


Oh it was fun PRETENDING that we really belonged there. So much fun!

Here it is at night. From across the street. Because neither would let me photograph them with the doorman

(look at that... 'golden doors' Abigail called them... and the doorman just waiting for us to arrive back at night after a late dinner so we didn't have to spin the door ourselves.



(the only picture I snapped of the beautiful elevator doors... and then they shut and the girls were off and alone in there. Oops!)
8 collage

But enough about the Warwick... what we really came for was this...


a tea party... Eloise style.


  1. I was waiting for this one, Tara!!!
    How absolutely amazing!!!
    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures...
    I felt as if I were right there with you all.
    And the joy on their faces!!!

  2. Love, love , love Eloise!!!! Have fun!!!! :-)

  3. Love theses pictures!! Oh how I hope my trip to New Your works out! How lucky you are to live so close to such a fun place.