Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Grace





My Dad asked me to say grace.  I said what we usually do around our kitchen table

for the food before us,
and the family beside us,
and the love that surrounds us;
for these thy gifts we are about to enjoy,
let us be truly grateful. 

But that didn't seem like enough because I wanted to say what was on all of our hearts.  So I paused and thanked God for our Dad around the table.  And I stopped because I couldn't get the words out without crying.  It was quiet, silent really but beautiful around the table.  My girls who know me well didn't even look up for emotion and prayer they know go hand in hand with their mama.  But my niece and nephew looked right at me.  And that was okay because I know they were feeling it too.  I thanked God for having him there with us.  For we know it is by God's grace that we have more time and God's grace in our lives is truly the meaning of Easter.




And then it's all-of-a-sudden Monday morning and she waves goodbye to her daddy as he drives off to his school.


1 comment:

  1. Perfectly perfect, Tara.
    I'm sooooo happy for your blessed, beautiful Easter Day!
    And I love the photo of the man behind the scenes. : )


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