Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What If I Forget?

I haven't taken one single picture on vacation.  Not one.  Well, one.  Tonight.  When my Dad came over after bath to bring his granddaughters an orchid for their rooms.  My camera comes out no matter what when I see my Dad now-a-days.

But what if I forget?  The sunshine.  The first warmth of spring in Connecticut.  The giggling. The laughter.  The noise.  The mess. The baby dolls she still plays.  The dinners we've made together.  The extra long books I've had the time to read aloud to both of them. They viola playing their jammies.  It's all been so glorious.  So wonderful.  Too good to capture it. I just live it.  Soak it in.  Love it.  And thank God that this is my life.  He is the author of this amazing life of mine.

dad 1

But still.  I won't let my heart forget.  So I write all that I can remember.  Just half way through our week off.  It's a long one and guess what?  It feels like it's going sloooow.  And I'm so happy.  Most of the time it feels too fast.  But maybe it's the magic of spring here.  Because it's magically going just perfectly slow.  (remind me of that on Sunday night when I have to pack lunchboxes, k?)

Things not to forget so far.  And no, I don't have a single picture of a single one of these things.  I'm livin well baby!!!

dancing in the kitchen with my 7
dancing with her daddy in the kitchen to show her how it's done
bikes and scooters came out
and outing with my 7 to shop for a new dress for an upcoming day trip
springtime Mass with no coats
to the park after for a picture
 me and my girls to B&N for a book... ya gotta have a new book on vacation week 
sidewalk chalk
family bike ride
a little outing with just my 11; she likes shopping and looking slooowly at things.  I'm all about in and out and done!
Watching a movie at 4 pm... all of us... with popcorn on the couch
a surprise (I'll tell ya later) 
shopping for little things for First Communion with my 7
(and running into someone that knew my Grandpa... that was a treat... thank you Lord) 
helping my 11 with her community service project idea

It's all been so good.  Thanks for letting me put all this here.  I just can't forget!  


  1. We do forget.
    But a feeling remains.
    A warm, cozy, satisfied feeling.
    But the details are here.
    Forever. : )

  2. What a wonderful picture!! You're doing an awesome job creating memories... :-) Have a great week!


  3. Beautiful picture!! You know I forget as well so I have started journaling....not a lot but I am.
    Enjoy your time home with your sweet family!


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