Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Remembering What it's All About

After I captured that one of Anna from yesterday I could have stopped, put my camera down. For like the whole Easter weekend.

I had to carry her piggy back to this chair in the middle of the soggy, snow still on the ground but melting back yard (yuck). I put her down and asked her to do what made her think of Easter. She opened up her arms and lifted her face toward Heaven. The wind blew and I snapped the shutter. Easter was captured.


But I had another girl waiting her turn in the kitchen. So I carried her too through the muddy snow to the same chair and captured her littleness.

vertical photo with splash of color





Easter is not all about the dresses, the new shoes, the bunny, I know that. But sometimes it takes an eleven year old to remind me. She does that. A lot.


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