Monday, April 27, 2015




happened on Saturday.

And we had no idea how overwhelmed we'd be.

It started from the heart of Anna wanting to do something for her sister and all children with this disease.


She wrote a letter and made a flyer.


We sent a few out to family, friends, and neighbors.

And the word spread.

It moved so quickly that I never finished decorating or setting up.

And Anna... my eleven year old Anna raised over $600 for APHED.

And we are overwhelmed.

To the strangers that walked by and said "no change" with a $20 bill.

To the teacher at my school that wrote a check that took my breath away and brought me to tears,

To friends who live so far who reached out,

To college friends who drove almost an hour and walked back into my life

To the family that traveled to China with us all those years ago when we adopted Anna,

To close family who I knew would be there,

To church friends who really ARE family,

For their parents for coming,

For the little league kids,

For the 95 year old neighbor,

For cousins, aunts and uncles,

For grandparents who came sick,

For everyone in between... we are overwhelmed.  Truly overwhelmed.


  1. Wow! All I can say is wow! Truly amazing. Love it!

  2. Amazing Tara, this brought tears to my eyes!

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