Thursday, April 30, 2015


Last Friday Abigail went to the hospital for an endoscopy.  On Instagram I wrote that day


I wake her up way too early.  It's still dark. But we have an appointment at the hospital.  Daddy helps me carry her to the car still cuddly from her bed.  On the drive she's quiet.  And then she says, "mama, look at the sky.  It's orange and pink.  God made it sooooo beautiful..."  This is her "too many to count" mornings like this, managing this disease.  My hands shake just a little on mornings like these; my breathing feels quick and too shallow.  She acts like it's just a normal Friday... And in some ways it is.



A little groggy but Grandpa came this time and that makes waking up a whole lot nicer


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  1. Awe bless her little heart.... thinking of you all...