Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All by 8:22

I'm not a superhero.. I'm just a morning person.

I've gotta laugh at what I did all before bringing Abigail to school and off to teaching myself.

~ got up at 4:20

~ 45 minutes with God

~ 20 minutes quick exercise

~ made two beds (I'm picky about how they look. To me the bed is the focal point in the room and I like it "just so" so I do it myself)

~ put clean sheets on the third bed

~ did 3 loads of laundry and had it all folded and ready to be put away later, and made my ironing pile for later in the evening.

~ deep cleaned 2 bathrooms, quick cleaned the other

~ took out my ingredients for dinner

~ started a grocery list

~ added ice to their lunchboxes and snacks and packed their backpacks with love

~ put water in her thermos so it would be icy cold all day and added it to her backpack

~ mixed Elecare (like baby formula) a food that Abigail is on and added 2 thermos containers to her special Elecare bag.. shouldve done that last night.. now it's not cold enough

~ changed over bath towels

~ emptied bathroom garbages

~ washed the kitchen table after they ate and turned on the dishwasher

~ got yucky medicine in Abigail and then cleaned up her throw up after she couldn't keep it down

~ sent Scott to his school with a Bible verse tucked in his wallet

~ prayed with the girls before they left

~ put on my teacher clothes and sang in the car with Abigail on the way

~ I'm sure I forgot just a few things

I love my mornings!

I wanted to write all that because I don't want to forget just how blessed I am to be able to do all of that, have a home, and have "people" to take care of!

(random picture because what's a post without a picture?)



  1. I am tired just reading that!
    No, seriouly Tara...I can picture this.
    I can see it clear as day.
    And I can because I know you.
    I know your heart and your love of your vocation.
    I know you do these things.
    And I know you do them with love in your heart.
    And guess what?
    Flynn and I have been exercising in the mornings too!!!

  2. Tara, I read your blog occasionally (I don't have one myself, unfortunately) and I just wanted to say how inspirational it is to find someone who is so grateful for the little things in life. Thank you for reminding me of that! Keep on doing what you're doing. Love from Florida.

  3. You just described my mornings, lol. Good to know I'm not the only one who enjoys getting up early and getting things done. Although the exercise part I could squeeze in more, lol. Love the picture, so sweet!



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