Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where Did I Leave Off?

I have started this post on and off for days and days now.  This time I'm going to sit here until I'm done.  So please forgive me if it's a bit choppy and doesn't make much sense.

Let me start by saying, summer is wooooonderful.  Music  Oh so wonderful.  I'm choosing to look on the cheery side of things.  Believe me, it's a choice.  And it's one I have to make over and over and over each morning.  I can sort of be an Eeyore (from winnie the pooh)  Except that sometimes I'm hyper like tigger and stressed like rabbit.  Do you know them?  Well combine them and you've got me.  But I try to be more like Pooh.  He's got it all perfect I think, don't you?   Worried rabbit, down in the dumps Eeyore, and hyper tigger doesn't always have the best combination.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." Pooh (see? perfect) 

Wow... it's been a while!  Since I last posted I've learned with Scott how to install a toilet (plumbers we are not)  and how to carry really really really heavy furniture.  This was way more work than we realized but we did it and are so happy to have new gleaming hard wood floors.

We had carpet for years in our bedroom but knew that hardwood was underneath.  When Anna came into our family we ripped up the wall to wall carpet in her room and she had gorgeous hardwood that we refinished.  When Abigail came along same thing.  We just never got around to our bedroom.  This summer our kitchen was a must to redo and so we decided that we should go ahead and do our bedroom as well. This is after the carpet was gone... I need to take a picture of it now... have I said the word gleaming yet?

So we left all of this... (and I'm so glad I got a picture of the 'before')


To head to New Hampshire.  And it was fun!  (except for when I worried like rabbit, and looked on the un~bright side like Eeyore, or was hyper like Tigger)

And I have oh so many photos to go through so I think I'll take it easy peasy on myself and go slow.

On our dive up toward the White Mountains we saw some cars stopped along the road.  Well we just had to jump out to see what they were seeing.  A moose.  Now it's official, we're on vacation in this pretty land.  I wanted to belt out in some patriotic America song "this land was made for you and me"


And oh how I wished I had my new telephoto lens with me... gosh darn!



And then we stopped here... a little 'pull over' kind of a place right in the middle of the amazing white mountains.  There was something about the light.  So we walked over a bridge to that spot you see there kind of lit up.


How could no one be there?  Truly remarkable.  I always pack my tripod on a family vacation along with 'outfits' that are planned and picked for a family session.  But this one just 'came up' and I couldn't leave with out running to get the tripod in the car.  Our 'matching' photo outfits would have to wait for another time.  Just look at that spot!


Anna, praising God for His glorious creation, unprompted and caught on camera...



Not a bad place for us to stop!  (and for our little vacation to start)


Oh this blog is such a happy place for me.  To slow down, to see the good, to feel summer and stop summer before she fades away... hey Eeyore.. not yet... it's only the middle of July!


  1. I was thinking of you as my entire upstairs was torn up to make room for all new flooring throughout. Oh my word. Can you say wine?? LOL

    The photos are just beautiful. The scenery, oh my! There's your Christmas card photo!