Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Hampshire part 3

Later that afternoon we headed to the bottom of Mount Washington.  Scott reserved tickets for us to ride up Mt Washington on the oldest cog railroad.  And it was awesome!

My girls hiding out in the shade waiting to board. While Daddy stood in the hot sun holding our places... yeah, he's great like that!


(yes, I worry when I see just how skinny Abigail is and that romper sure shows off her bones)
25 26 collage

I really didn't know what to expect. But is was so relaxing and wonderful. Scott and I sat in the seat behind the girls and we looked at all the pretty scenery as we traveled about an hour to the top.


28 collage

Loving Abigail's smile here...


It was amazing to see the scenery change so drastically was we traveled.




33 collage

And drastic temperature changes at the top too!

35 collage


(and super windy too)


We visited the EXTREME weather museum at the top and stayed around looking out for an hour before boarding the train to head back down.


What an awesome afternoon!


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