Saturday, July 26, 2014

House Projects

I wish I did our summer 2014 house projects in order on this blog.  They're sort of all over the place.  But I want to remember just how hard we worked on this old house this summer.

After Scott did all of this work (back here)


We left for this mini vacation.

While we were gone all of the hardwood was sanded and refinished.

When we got home they were supposed to be done and we moved all of the furniture back in. It looked like this in the girls rooms (I can't believe I'm actually going to post these)



So on the 4th of July we moved all of that out of the girls rooms, cleaned their rooms and then Scott saw and email saying that they needed to do one more coat. So on the 4th we moved all of it back into their rooms... ugh! And we slept down in the playroom!


And I was so mad... (that post back here)

Soooo after sleeping for four more days in the playroom we for the second time moved back in... this time to amazing, beautiful, hardwood floors... heaven I tell you! (moving back in post here)


Ignore the iphone pics that make the wall colors look creepy!


Socks only... no shoes will ever see these floors... ever


And it makes it great for dancing



And then the very next day we started on phase two of our project. Cabinets. (that post back here)


One of these days I'll get the big camera out for the 'after' photos.  I never thought I'd post these phone pictures here but I know that I'll forget one day and I just can't bear to...  we are almost all done with our projects this summer and are looking forward to enjoying the last month of summer!


  1. You have been busy! We had a summer like your summer. It was the summer I was pregnant with Juliana my only request was that everything needed to be done by the time she was born.
    I love your hardwood floors. We had them in our old home and have them again in our new home. They are wonderful!

  2. Oh just lovely! After a day of rest and one good night's sleep, it all seems worth it, doesn't it? Beautiful finish!


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