Friday, July 25, 2014

Abigail Adores

She adores her Kindergarten teacher who stopped by for tea... oh and going to be a mommy in just over a month!  See those pearls Abigail is wearing?  A treasured necklace from her very special teacher...  Did I say adores yet?  Adores!


She adores singing her heart out at night.


My Lighthouse  (she adores this song so much)
3 4 collage

My personal favorite...


She adores loosing as many teeth this summer as she possibly can.  Another tooth lost at bedtime snack...


I like her baby teeth and wish they would stop falling out!


But I'm slowly getting used to it.  Abigail adores the summer.  Time off, time to play, time to swim, just plain old time!  We do too!


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