Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ice Cream Truck

I love when I make big plans and they go all wrong.  No really, I don't but I had such a vision for this experience that went all wrong that I have to share it anyway.

Summer means the ice cream truck in our neighborhood.  Would you believe that Anna has never had the ice cream truck experience?  When she was little she thought that it was just a pretty music truck.  A truck driving down our street playing music for our enjoyment.  It always came right at 5:00... right before dinner so I guess we just never stopped the ice cream truck.

Here we are years and years later and I decided that an ice cream truck experience they would have to have.   Big mistake.


I got this cute little basket for our mudroom and filled with just a enough money since it seems we hardly carry cash anymore.  Now we were ready for whenever we heard the music.

This was the last day of school and we all jumped up from our patio when we heard the faint, far away note.  Anna grabbed that basket so fast it was funny!  And Abigail ran out to the driveway to stop the truck with daddy while I grabbed my camera.



It was such a quick ordeal that Scott ordered Abigail Italian ice.  Usually okay with her allergies.


The ice cream truck pulled away and we all sat down to check the ingredients just in case.  "processed on equipment shared with dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts"  (the worst sentence ever I have to check for over and over)  Some brands are okay one time and then they they change their processing and then that food is out.


There are some times I can hold it in.  This was not one of them.  Scott saw tears fill her eyes and mine and he grabbed his keys faster than Anna grabbed the money basket.  He swooped Abigail off to the store and they came home with every kind of Popsicle that is not allergic.  My freezer is still filled and this was way back in June.


Lesson learned... the moments that matter, the ones I really want to remember are not always what I think they'll be.  It wasn't the cute basket of money or the photos of them choosing their treat.  It's the daddy who 'makes it all better' (and fast) and the big sister who is willing to throw away hers just to make life fair.  Life will never be fair for Abigail and food and that's okay.  Life will never be fair for Anna in not knowing her china parents.  There are just certain things about raising my daughters that I can't make 'right'.  We all have our 'that's not fair's in life.  But we have faith, we have hope, we have each other.  And that makes life much better than fair; it makes life wonderful!


  1. Always inspiring, my friend...
    Please know, we don't do the ice cream truck anymore.
    Highly overrated. : )

  2. I remember growing up my sister and I would beg our parents for an ice cream from the ice cream truck and finally one day they let us buy one. It was all very exciting until we tasted the ice cream.
    You know my kids have not ever had an ice cream from the ice cream truck as well.
    Hope you are having a good weekend!