Monday, July 21, 2014



Scott started playing tennis in high school.  I ran spring track and field.  I was fast on those long distance races and I only did it because I was falling for that cute boy on the high school tennis courts that just happened to be near the track lanes.  Man, that was a lot of running just to hope he'd look up and notice me... or maybe I could time up leaving the track as he left the courts.  (the good old days... sigh)

Anna is a great tennis player like her daddy.  And she's been playing a lot this summer.

10 11 collage

I bribed her to wear the cute tennis dress with an omelet since she's more comfortable in shorts and a tee.  But aren't the clothes in tennis the best and worth playing anyway? And I got to try out my new lens (70-200)


Abigail and I hang out at the shady picnic table making things.



Scott got super good and played number one in college. I never, hardly ever, missed a match!

1 collage


I tried to learn tennis before we were married.  I even took lessons but it just wasn't my thing.  I prefer the sneakers and the pavement.  (and honestly the alone part)


But I always wanted Anna to love tennis like her daddy so that they could play together.


Scott still plays almost daily year round at the crack of 5:15... but long gone are my days swooning over him on the courts.  I have omelets to make for little girls!  But something tells me I'll have plenty of years watching someone I love playing tennis!


  1. That is awesome! It's a sport Hayley wants to get into so any pointers you may have for getting started would be great! It was wonderful to hear from you! Glad all is well looks like you are all having a great summer!
    Many blessings,

  2. Love this! Isabella is a golfer and has played for many years. Ray loves golf and plays as often as he can. I love when the two of them leave early on a Sunday to spend the morning playing golf.


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