Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving back In

Oh boy it felt good to wake up Abigail on that first morning we were moved back in.  It was two full weeks with all of the upstairs furniture jammed into the girls bedrooms.  Although we loved being away (and had to because of the fumes from the floor refinishing) it was great to be back home.

This was the first morning she woke up in her cleaned bedroom this summer and I just had to grab my camera.  Something about the way the wind caught her curtains.


And the little one in her bed


Listening to her favorite book this summer from Grandpa.  It came with a CD and when the English author reads it she says "Pe-tah" for Peter.  Delightful!


Welcome back to your room Abigail!


I wish I was all caught up... I'm still a bit behind but I'm determined to get there... one little post at a time...

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