Monday, January 27, 2014

Dating You Five ~ Le'Tara Spa Night

Oh man, this one has been my favorite so far... or at least tied with this date! I knew that shopping and eating out couldn't be all of our dates. This was in fact Scott's 40th birthday present. Some of the dates had to be just for him. And this one sure was it!!!

Welcome to Le'Tara Spa Night (in the comfort of our own home... you know I love the stay at home dates)

I can't show you all of the pictures because well, blush, I just can't. But I will show you the set up in case you want to try this out at home. PS ~ your husband will LOVE this!

So here's how it went.

On January 1st Scott opened his January date envelope. And it went something like this.

The date card with the date description. And then some other things in the envelope that he couldn't open yet. (I didn't want him to read through the Le'Tara Spa Brochure until the night of the date)

1 collage

And then starting Monday he had to 'earn' his money. Basically every little extra thing he did around the house got him some spa cash. I know it was super corny but it made it that much more fun. Vacuum the mud room = spa buck, put your shoes away = spa buck and on and on.


On to Spa Night!

The girls went to bed super early which worked out great because Abigail had a cold starting and Anna was wiped from tennis that afternoon.

One ~ First I told Scott he had to put on his nicest lounge wear and shave. Then it was Dinner At The Oasis. (aka.. our family room transformed) The fire was going and I had the ottoman set up with a tray and magazines. I added a side table and some red wine. I played music like this (music) and shut the doors.


I gave him some time to relax while I got dinner ready. (I went earlier to Panera)  I served a steak sandwich on facatta bread, broccoli and cheddar soup and a baguette.


It was at the end of the meal that he got to read his spa brochure.  And choose what treatments he'd like.

15 collage

14 16 collage

Two ~ When he was almost done eating (and I knew the girls were faaaast asleep) I got the spa ready.  (aka the girls bathroom... our only tub bathroom)  I set it up like this.


I bought a new spa - like white towel and some spa essentials.




I added in some chocolate and glass of ice water.



I lit a candle (Baker's Vanilla) and got the bath water ready.  Added a small heater to make it spa toasty and brought the spa music upstairs.


This felt a little silly but I must say that he was starting to get really into this whole spa thing!

Lights out, candle lit.


Three ~ I heated the towel in the dryer so that when he got out he would be extra toasty.  I wanted to buy a huge spa white bathrobe (like this one... we were staying over at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC for my 30th birthday... just one month before God filled our heart for adoption... that was one special birthday... oh now I'm getting off track)


but I know that he wouldn't wear it after this night and they're super expensive so I also heated up some lounge wear that he likes (aka new jammies) and after a looooooong time in the spa bath it was on to those treatments he had chosen.  More played more spa music and had lots of oil.  and even though I'm not known for giving more than a two minute back rub I stuck to a long one.  There was champagne in between treatments and well the rest I'll leave up to you to figure out.

I'm wife hero this morning.  Not just for the back rub, foot massage, or steak sandwich but for the silly goofy idea and for trying.  Sometimes we get so busy we forget that we love to hang out together.  That we're in love, and that same love we had when we were first married is still there.



  1. I love this idea! I'm giving my husband a similar gift of a year of date nights for Valentine's day and I will definitely be adding this idea to my date nights. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. This was great! And to think we must give "bucks" in order for them to put their shoes away. LOL

    I have to share a really funny story. We were having a much scaled back spa night. We were living in our last house which happened to be on a quiet cal du sac. Our front door was beautiful, the top half being etched glass. I was giving David a back rub, on the living room floor (so we could also watch t.v.) when the door bell rang. We NEVER had the doorbell ring in the evening hours. Of all the times. It was a guy, a neighbor, who needed something. I was so embarrassed because I'm sure his imagination ran wild. His wife phoned me the next day and told me, "He wants to do for her whatever David did for me in order for that to happen." I was so embarrassed since it was only a back rub! LOL

  3. I love this Tara! Ray's birthday is in June so I need to get thinking about our date nights...I need to "talk" with you on ideas.

  4. Yes i can imagine the title "wife hero" is now yours!!!:)
    all the details were picture perfect! i'm sure this one is HIS FAVORITE hands down!!
    have a happy day tara...aka wife hero!!;)

  5. My husband would feel absolutely loved by this - what a wonderful idea!
    I'm going to do the envelope thing for my husband's birthday. I got the idea first at Princess and the Frog Blog, so I enjoyed seeing another wife doing this as well!

  6. "hero wife" is right! You go girl!!!