Friday, January 10, 2014

Dating You Three ~ Hiking


I've fallen a bit behind on my "dating you" blog posts but I promise you I've been keeping my promise to Scott; one date a month. On November first he ripped open the November envelope to find his date card.

It was a most mellow date. I have to to honest; we were kind of quiet and not all like our October date when we were were laughing and silly together. Don't hear me wrong; this was a good one too. Just a married for 17 years couple who didn't say it but who both missed their girls. We held hands and walked up the Avon mountain.  I learned on this date not to go somewhere we usually go a a family. Memories of girls laughing around every hiking bend. Never good for a date... but it was lovely to be outside. It was a sunny and warm day for November.


Anna and Abigail were with my parents getting spoiled at Barnes and Noble and the tea shop. I wanted to go too! :)


Once we got to the top we found a sunny little spot; put down a blanket, opened some wine and a few cranberry white chocolate chip cookies.


December post coming soon! Oh, and January is going to a fun one!!!! :)



  1. To me, that seems perfect! But I know what you mean. Any get-aways that David and I have enjoyed has been over-shadowed a bit by the missing of the kiddos. I have to admit when I say, it was more on my part than his! LOL

  2. Sounds like a great date but I would miss my girls too ;) That's the hardest part about date nights is making yourself go and leave the kids behind for a few hours or so but it's definitely worth it in the end! Looking forward to seeing what your December and January dates are.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello, I love this date!! I tried replying to your comment on my post about your dates but it would not let me reply. I would love for you to forward your ideas to me...I can give you my email. What I would love to do is sit in your beautiful kitchen and go over your date ideas in person. ;)

    I have a quick question do you use blogger for your blog? I do and am not able to post any pictures. I need to make a change. I miss blogging. :(


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