Monday, January 13, 2014

Dating You Four ~ Snacking and Shopping

Well friends this weekend was a full one.  And it looked something like this

Friday ~ somehow I fit a snowy photo shoot of my girls in
Saturday ~ chores, lunch and then Scott and I went on a date while Grandma B took the girls to a toy store for more rainbow loom elastics (did we really need more???) & Abigail I danced to this song over and over in the kitchen.  
Sunday ~ i taught my first grade religious ed class, the girls performed in a viola concert, and had their first session of winter tennis, a tea party bible study with my girls

But let's skip all that... there's a date to get to!

Yes, this date is the December date but somehow it never happened; boy that month is full!  And once we got to that week and a half off I just didn't want to be apart from my girls so we moved it to January.  Good thing is... there's still a January date envelope so really he gets two in the same month!

This is what was in the December date envelope


We ate a cosi (kinda like Panera except that they have some dateish items on their menu like smores.  We opted for a brie and fruit platter.  It was yummy and served with soft bread slices!


Then off to shopping.  There are no pictures because we all know what shopping looks like.  Instead of the Christmas shopping that was planned for December we hit the sales.  Nothing for me but a few new things for Scott.  :)

Oh and almost home I finally tried a Panera Carmel... sooo good! 
carmel 2 collage

And that was it.  Not too exciting of an adventure folks but it's in the getting out, laughing, hand holding, and talking that makes it a date.  And we did all of that!  Oh, and super romantic... it was pouring (I mean pouring rain) and he held the umbrella for me and opened the car door each time.  And I left my cozy kitchen and my silly girls.  So yes, it's a date, it's official!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I'll have to check out the place that serves brie and warm bread with fruit, YUM!

  2. I'm so glad you are both doing this! After our faith, our spouses must be our first priority. I know I don't always put my beloved before my children. You are setting a great example for many :)


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