Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to Real Life.. well sort of

So this was supposed to be the first whole week of school since sometime in December. Well actually it was supposed to be the end of last week but this is how it played out...

Thursday - early dismissal for the snow storm
Friday- no school, tons of snow
Monday - late opening for the extreme cold
Tuesday - late opening for the extreme cold

And today just when my pot arrived and I wanted to spend some time getting to know her (more on that later) I got my speed dialed call from their nurse, and Abigail came home early.

Really, could I ever go back to work? Now if you hear a happy tone in there, please do. I'm thrilled about that little fact that for now there is just no way a career would fit into that schedule. (pausing for jumping jacks)

So here we are in the midst of a 'regular week'. And I'm reminded that there is no 'regular' with a family and kids. There are 'regular moments' that happen here and there, but not regular days. So if I have a regular moment I grab it by the (what's that saying?) boot straps and ride it on out.

A few moments Scott captured from my birthday. Too bad we didn't take the camera out at brunch. Oh how I love brunch, the fanciness of it, the chief in the tall white hat that makes omelets just the way you like them. (by the way, ever go to one of those omelet stations like me and are afraid to tell them just how many items you really want in your omelet? Like how I really wanted tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, scallions, olives, and onions but I only said tomatoes and mushrooms) Anyway, it was lovely. Beautiful too.

(look at my Mom zooming ahead trying to avoid the photos) :) 
(And gosh darn, why isn't there a better picture of my rockin awesome high healed leather black boots? Now really, that's a shame)  
(But yummy white coat with fur around the collar on Abigail and white cable knit mittens and the red barret.  She'll wear anything for me any day)
(Anna did it only for my birthday; she hates that coat) 




After we came home for presents and trying to not nap after too much food!


Scott brought the girls to a tea shop to choose a little something for me.  Abigail picked the most adorable mini painting of a tea cup.










And Anna with her own money (which makes it that much more special) picked out a new tea cup!



I used to hate my birthday. (not when I was little... loved it of course then) But as an adult before my girls I hated it. It wasn't getting older. I couldn't care at all about that. I just didn't like anyone singing to me and everyone watching me open presents. But it all changed when Anna came home from China. I remember the first birthday I had when she was home and it all clicked then.

First time she'd ever seen a cake with candles... looks like she's thinking, what in the world is going on? 

I loved it through them. Still do. Celebrating anything with them is purely wonderful. It was a beautiful birthday.


vertical photo with splash of color


  1. What a wonderful birthday, Tara!
    You all look amazing!!!
    And your parents are the best. : )

    Hope you are all well and ready to enjoy the coziness of this January weekend, my dear friend.


  2. I was sure to notice those rockin boots!
    I love that your Mom was trying to get out of the photos and you guys roped her in anyway!
    It looks like a wonderful birthday!


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