Wednesday, January 29, 2014


There's nothing quite like a stop at the library and filling up a little table with books. I love a good book recommendation from a friend for my girls. (thanks Cindy)


Or a book recommendation for me from one of my girls. (Anna was right, I loved this book... anything seasonal, family related, old fashioned, loved it Anna)


And I loved the note that came with it.


I'm reading this for the third time through. I wrote about it back here and still adore it. I know it's because Will Deal who Abbie falls in love with, marries, and builds her life with is just like Scott.

And I love a book this one wrote. Oh this one was silly and so much fun to listen to. The snowman was an "irish stepper" Soooo cute!




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  2. ahhhh....books!:) just filled up rileys basket yesterday. hers are not quite as "pretty and cute' as they used to be!!;/anyway...
    love abigail's story. imaginations make me happy.
    have a happy day tara

    the girls read miracle on maple hill too...sweet!!


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