Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Day

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Later in the afternoon we headed to my parents for Christmas dinner.

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All dressed up and ready for a very special part of Christmas.

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I say that I'm truly half my mom and half my dad.  My mom taught me all things cozy (and pretty) and making a house a home... from my kitchen to the pillows on the couch.  And my Dad, a teacher and musical theater director taught me how to make it all magical.

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I'm always so tired (in a good, mellow way) by this point in the day that I hardly pick up my camera.


But even for this little bit I'm glad I do.



There were big presents and little ones too (like those ear muffs that she loves the best)


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Such sweet memories that we'll hold on to all year. Just a thought of this day and we'll feel the warmth all over. I love Christmas Day at my Mom and Dads... just like it was for me at my Grandparents when I was my daughters ages. Oh how I love tradition!


  1. friend! Such a beautiful, happy, festive day!!!

    I love it all! The dresses, the smiles, the twinkle in your girls' eyes...your sweet parents creating memories for you all!

    I am so glad you all had a happy, healthy, merry Christmas. I know your family is blessed and thankful for just how magical you made it for them. And just think about how they will carry these moments in their hearts and someday recreate them in their own homes...

    I am so blessed to have you as a friend...someone that shares love of motherhood and family!

    Happy New Year my friend!!!

  2. I just love the pictures of your girls with they beautiful jackets and cute hats on.
    Your parents sound wonderful and I am happy you had a nice and relaxing day with them.

  3. Your pictures evoke such charm and warm hearted family times.


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