Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day


Squeals of Delight over here... it's a snow day.  Worthy of some music of course!


So my girls were "back to school" in this New Year for about three hours total.  They went to school on Thursday, I was depressed, texted a friend for encouragement and then decided that I had to make the best of it.  We needed a big shop at that big place you only go to once in a great while.  As I slip slid in my car on the way there I got a phone message (yes, I love that my car picks up my calls) with an early dismissal.  So they were only at school for about three hours! 


So we came home to huge snow!  And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed.  I simmered sauce on the stove all afternoon and baked bread while I had my little girls home with me... heaven I tell you! 


And when Scott got home I sent him right back out to feed my birds.  I saw one check the empty feeder.. so sad.  Don't worry, they're all set now! 


And then guess what?  We woke up to NO SCHOOL!  After all that magic yesterday we were given more!  Yes, I know we'll be going to school til the fourth of July now but is there anything better than a SNOW DAY

And Scott was home all day with us too!  I remember when were in college and he changed his major to Education I was giddy about one day being married, being teachers, and being together on snow days.  So he's now a principal now but he still has SNOW DAYS!  Although now it's not just he and me... we've got girls... two of them!  One who is now ten (and a half) who loves to sleep in on a snow day) and the other who opens our door, tip toes in, grabs the blue fluffy pillow and wedges it in between us.  And I whisper to her, "guess what Abigail?  No school!  It's a snow day!"  And she cuddles into her daddy and me.  Scott falls back asleep but Abigail and I lay there awake but it's silent; there are no need for words.  That is by far the best part of the snow day... before it begins really.  With the whole day ahead of us.  Early morning, no cars driving, a warm comforter over us, little girl in between us.  Heaven I tell you (again)

So we played with our new Christmas toys, read winter books, cuddled, made lists, read the new magazine cover to cover, decorated for January, and soaked in a day where we couldn't go anywhere!  And I am here in my home where I feel like it's the prettiest place in the world. 



8 9 collage

10 12 collage



Happy Snow Day!



  1. This post made me want to jump right in, Tara!
    So beautiful and cozy!
    Hope you have some more this winter!

  2. Oh what a wonderful looking day. We go back to school on Monday and I am so sad. I know that tomorrow night will be hard on me while I make lunches and set out clothes.
    Once again I have to tell you I love your kitchen. :)
    I love the magazine you are it a local magazine? The picture of the barn on the front is to die for.

  3. Happy Snow Day, Tara! We got to celebrate with a snow day, too…although I suppose I should call it a "wind chill" day! I don't' think I can ever remember a day when we called off school b/c it was "too cold" out! But it works for me. Jammies all day…fresh cookies…and snuggles on the couch!


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