Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bible Study Tea Party ~ Week One Inner Beauty


I don't know about you but with January comes so many ideas swirling in my head.  Like everyone it's a fresh start and with winter here in Connecticut the outside is not pulling us leaving me more time to concentrate on my little family.

Sometimes I feel good about where I am and what I'm doing to raise my little family.  Music lessons, check.  Tennis so that that they learn to love to move, check.  Individual gifts and loves being fostered (art for Anna and Irish dance for Abigail), check. Religious Education, check. Dating my husband in fun and creative ways, check.  Getting up early for my workout and Bible reading, check.  Loving and making my home (especially my kitchen and the food that comes from it) a cozy place to be, check.  Keeping technology out and wooden/doll/building toys in, check.  

But sometimes fresh starts like January my mind is a flutter with new ideas.  This one I've had for a long time and it took me until just now to get it started.  (once again I have to remind myself to just start!)  I've always wanted to have a little mommy and me Bible study with my girls.  Sure it would be wonderful on a grander scale, say other moms and their daughters.  But for now it's just us.  

And guess what, we started this weekend.  Using this lovely book.


It's filled with chapters that are so long and so filled with different activities that I think it will take us all of 2014 to get through it.  Perfect year long goal.  


The girls each bring their own pink Bibles, notebook and colored pencils.




It was short but sweet.  And I'm going to try to fit one in every week this year.  Maybe some of the other things will have to wait but this fluttering idea is this year!



  1. So inspiring, my friend...
    Perfectly perfect. : )

  2. Such a lovely idea indeed. You know, I feel bad for my Confirmation kids. So many have never been taught their faith by their parents. They don't even know that there are bibles that are not Catholic? Let alone have even opened a Bible before coming to class. I'm finding my position as their teach quite humbling and am so happy to have the opportunity to teach them. They almost feel like my own kids…and I refer to them as "my kids". Your children are quite blessed to have a mother who will sit and talk about their faith.

  3. Oh I love this! I am going to looking into this book....what a wonderful way to spend time with your daughters. Meaningful time with just the two of them.
    I always enjoy my visits to your blog.