Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boston... Bit by Bit (day 3)


On this third day the girls and I went to lunch at Wagamama (a noodle bar).  It was so so good.  Anna and I loved it. 


Abigail loved eating the noodles I brought in her thermos with the chopsticks from the restaurant. 


After that it was a short walk to the Boston Aquarium. 


I loved the Aquarium.  I loved watching Anna take over.  She held Abigail up when she wanted her to see things better.  She read the signs to her.  She was an all around super helper and awesome big sister. 




Sometimes I get home and just laugh at my pictures.  The Boston Aquarium is awesome and my pictures make it look like we looked at some gold fish bowl.  If you're ever in Boston, don't skip this one for sure!  It has an inner tank that goes up four floors.  It's glass all around it, a circle really with a ramp that winds up the four floors.  Here the girls are at the top.  Super super super cool! 


And here we are waiting for our T to arrive in the hot, dirty underground part of Boston. By this time though I'd had it all under control. And by the last day visitors were asking me for directions.



  1. I wish we could take a trip together one day! Is that stalker-ish?! Ha Ha! Love all the pictures of your sweet girls, friend.

  2. helping out the visitors huh?
    you pro city girl you!:)
    aquarium looks awesome!:) even with the goldfish pictures!! haha