Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Year Ago... It Starts Tomorrow

So one year ago Scott started this program.  We sat and talked about him going back to school again in the same room where we first talked about adoption.  We make important decisions in that room. 

At the time we just couldn't see fitting daddy back to school in.  But I thought, now matter what, the year will go by.  Seems simple really, just enter the Exective Leadership Superintendent program because the year will go by anyway.  Might as well have another degree at the end of it. 

And I'm still "home".  Another year that even a part time teaching position wouldn't work... yeah for me!  Yeah, go for it Scott.

And so he entered the program.  It was way more than we could have predicted.  Oh the late night papers, the Saturday and Thursday night classes.  But he did it.  And yes the year went by anyway.

And here were are, the eve before it's all over.  Another degree, another graduation.

And we are, the girls in this family are just so proud. 

Congratulations Daddy!!! 

(please pretend I inserted an awesome picture of Scott here) 


  1. Congratulation to your hard working husband, Tara! And to you, for making it possible for him. You two make an awesome team! : )

  2. Ditto to what Billie Jo wrote! Congratulations to BOTH of you!

  3. what a great accomplishment for the both of you!!:) you did it!! that must feel awesome!!
    seeing as the year was gonna go by anyway....I LOVE that btw!:0
    have a happy day tara