Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Going To Be A Good One

Please ignore the pictures that I'm in.  I handed the camera off to Scott with the settings not quite right.  But I have to have them anyway. 

A little song for you...


Last Thursday we got a chance to make our Summer 2013 banner.


And it's some serious business working on that!


We filled it with all of the fun things that we're looking forward to this summer.



Scott took the day off so that we could all get ready for our weekend trip we'd be leaving for the next morning. (more on that to come)


We were giddy with all of the special places we're going to this summer along with all of the fun that we'll have just at home.


Oh yeah... can't wait for this at the end of July!


Flashy Topaz is the name of our new car... do your kids name your cars?


Oh yeah, it's going to be a good one. Welcome summer 2013... welcome!



  1. Tara! I love the idea of a summer banner! May just have to steal that one...

    Can't wait to "share" all these special moments with you all.

    Happy Summer, dear friend! : )

  2. So much fun! We do posters but haven't done a banner, what a cool thing to do! Your going to Disney? I love it there! Enjoy your week ahead.
    Thank you for your sweet comment to Kathleen, she had the biggest smile :)

  3. Oh I just love the banner! Can not wait to hear about all your summer fun!

  4. yeah for summer!!! ( a bit late,...but yeah anyway!:))
    you have a super summer planned!

    and yes we name our cars..dave's is tweety, cause that's the sound the alarm makes when he turns it on and off, and mine is v-allowee, v for van and allowee cause that's how we say I love's the way riley first said it when she was learning to talk.:) not quite sure how we're gonna top that some day!:)


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