Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boston... Bit by Bit (day 4)

I only had my little point and shoot camera on this day because it was raining when we left our hotel that day. But it quickly cleared up and boy did I wish I brought the big one!

We started off here... the top of the Prudential Center. It was so cool to see all of the places we'd been visiting during the week.


They had little hand held speakers for the girls to listen to as we went along looking out this landmark building. We listened to the stories and learned so much about Boston.


As you can see the girl loved this part of our trip, and we spent over an hour up there just gazing at Boston below!


There is a huge mall at the base of the Prudential Center and Scott was able to get away for a lunch break and met us there for lunch. It was great to see him in the middle of our day!

And then another T ride back to Boston Commons. We'd already been there. I saw the pond where Make Way For Ducklings takes place but I wanted to go back to find the statues of the storybook. And we did. (gosh, how I wish I brought that big camera!)


So sweet... I got goose bumps when we finally found them in the park!




That evening we all went back to Harvard Square to enjoy some ice cream. We were able to bring some Abigail allergy free ice cream and bought some sprinkles to go on it. What a treat for her!


We are always so happy when she can have a real treat out and about with us.


There was a stop at a cute bookstore... again. With must-haves for our home library!



And then one of our favorite parts of the day. Back at the hotel after baths and jammies we had popcorn and a movie. Staying up late in your hotel is a must on vacation!



One more day to go!


  1. Love staying up late in the hotel after baths, showers, and jammies! The best part of the trip...all of us together!

    Loved your trip so far, Tara! : )

  2. I love reading about your trip to Boston...we only live 45 minutes away and don't go nearly enough!!

  3. yeah, you found the ducklings!!:)
    so glad Abigail got to enjoy a treat out with you all.
    and yes, staying up is part of the fun right?!:)
    have a happy day tara


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