Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Week

We're counting down!


And even though I've been packed for months I had to swap out one of their outfits when I found this dress. is this perfect for the Animal Kingdom or what?!


I mean really! And it was on the clearance rack!


And this zebra top for Anna!


An evening at the pool!

collage 5








This is why I'm never going to get my "read one book a week" goal done. See, I was taking pictures when I could have been on one of those white chairs reading.


From her summer goals... "dance for God"

collage 14 15

collage 16 17

collage 18 19

A summer morning "book club" they call it!


A summer breakfast picnic on the quilt.





Last weekend Scott and I went here.


to learn more about Eosinophilic Esophogitis. It was amazing.  We sat together for sessions held by doctors from all over the country and even as far as London.  We are now up to date on all of the latest research and findings concerning this disease.  We heard from dietitians, psychologists, and parents who have been in our shoes.  We came home all excited armed with new ideas. Some that we got from the conference and some that we came up with on our own. It's amazing how much we were able to process all of the information and come up with our own plans when we had all that time alone.

This is part of Abigail's new menu.


From now on she will have some control over her choices for eating. She gets to choose her meals but she also has to have her "I am learning to eat..." food at every single meal for 10 days. And after being given that food 30 times she will decide if she wants to add it to her menu. (After those 30 tries.. because it takes 30-40 trials to get used to a food... we'll celebrate as a family. 


It's slow going with her but one thing Scott and I realized at the conferences was food aversion (her not wanting to eat food) is one our biggest issues that comes from this disease. So we've got our game plan... here's hoping it works.

Puzzle Time... I love the concentration!  It's a Disney princess one.. perfect for getting in the mood. 


We said goodbye to this car. Now I have to explain the picture.


When we got this car I was pregnant with Abigail and Anna was three. (about to be 4) At my baby shower Scott gave me a last gift. It was in a jewelry box and I thought, "wow... he got me jewelry!!!" When I opened the box inside there were car keys! To our first mini van. It was an awesome surprise! I know that there are pictures of me during the big surprise but it must have been on someone else's camera... darn! (they're in the album though) So when we took our last picture before we turned in this car the girls wanted to be just the same as they were back that day. Abigail was "in my tummy" and Anna only 3!

baby shower

Lots of great trips in this car.


But the new Oddessy is awesome!


Fun with cars and markers... drawing out our upcoming trip.



I'm glad I picked up my camera so much this week. I would have already forgotten half of the fun! It was a great first full week of summer! Yahoo!


  1. Where to begin?! Disneyworld?!!! Yay!!!! I love your countdown...and the outfits? Perfect! I can only imagine the excitement in your house!

    Love your evening at the pool...we always do evenings too. Seems no one else is ever there. Just the way we like it! : )

    Congrats on the new set of wheels!
    And I am glad you picked up your camera too, cause I got to share in your week! : )

    Have a happy Sunday, friend!

  2. Would love to have a post about where you shop for your girls clothes---they're always dressed so adorably! That dress is perfect for Animal Kingdom :)

  3. that store...and when they have there everything under $12.99 sale going on...cha ching! So exciting to be going to WDW! But I have to ask you to share your secret. How on EARTH do you pack months ahead?? We'd be running around naked in our house LOL!!

  4. Too cute! Love that their swimsuits match their Disney outfits, super super cute!!! I'll bet they're excited for Disney! My family and I are headed to Florida and Disney in August!! :)

  5. Disneyworld how fun! I have always wanted to go to Disneyworld. We live in California so we do get to visit Disneyland every few years. Have a wonderful time!
    Oh yes Gymboree I love that store. It will be a sad day when I am not longer able to shop there.

  6. Love these pictures!! You will have a blast at Disney we want to go back! Love the animal dress and Hayley loves the Zebra print!! It's her favorite. You weren't too far from me last weekend! Too bad we didn't have time to meet up. So glad you found great resources for her. She always looks so happy!! You will love your Odyssey, we now have a Toyota Sienna which is also nice...but there are days I miss the Odyssey. Enjoy!


  7. yeah for new vans!! and that flash back pic of you guys is awesome!:)
    that was quite a week for you tara!! so many memories.

    so glad the workshop gave you so many great ideas. and that they seem to be working.:)

    and packed already?? wim...we leave for GA Wednesday and we still haven't packed yet!!:)

    have a happy day tara


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