Monday, July 22, 2013

These Are The Good Old Days

These days make me happy, very, very happy. The regular days; the days of summer. Yes, sometimes the playroom mess makes me cranky, but it's all good really, even that because it's part of summer and I love it all.

1. Tennis Afternoons with Coach Cuttler. We're spending every day at the pool and tennis. They both have an hour tennis lesson a few times a week, and while one is on the tennis court I'm in the pool with the other and then we switch. Perfect!




And when it's the weekend and Daddy is with us everything is more fun! (Here he is on "Pirate Day" helping Abigail find her clues while she's supposed to be pretending to walk the plank.)




2. Late and lazy dinners at home


She hates when her corn on the cob has "those little stringy things" so after we shuck the corn she goes back and makes them perfect.

"Mommy, take this face."


"Mommy, take my mad face."


3. Sister, can't live without ya love.

Anna slept over a neighborhood friends house.... and made it allll night (we couldn't believe). Here's one little sister welcoming her big sister back!


4. Summer Wheels 

Grandpa was given a bike from one of his neighbors and got it all fixed up for Anna. Her first with gears.



(I wonder if there's a picture somewhere of me on a bike with a push from him like that... there must be) 


5. Summer reading log... I love watching a "reader" being born.



6. Before Work Cuddles

Summer sleeping schedules so off that there is always time to see daddy before he leaves for work.



7. Disneying
We're planning and planning each and every step of our trip.  "No kids, you can't go see Mickey, you're 8 steps behind; move it.  We're supposed to be on Dumbo right now."  Yes, I'm that kind of Disney planner. 


8. Friends over for dinner on a Wednesday. That never happens during the school year.


And it was sooooo good. Tomato basil grilled chicken, Greek salad, bacon potato salad, cut fruit, and blueberry pie!





Perfectly matched, hand picked by God friends who love adoption as much as we do!


9. Lazy breakfasts

They sleep soooo late in the summer because we go to be so late. And then their longer than long, drag it out breakfast used to drive me crazy. I wanted to get them upstairs, dressed, and day started.
But I've decided to embrace it, pour myself another cup of tea and let them take forever to eat, talk, and play at the breakfast table.


I'd love to hear from you on these...

Something I Splurged On: Autograph books for Disney from Esty
Something that Was Free: The musical Jungle Book that my Dad directed with a group of kids
Something Sweet About My Husband: He brought home flowers this week (in Disney colors)
Something I'm Looking Forward To: More planning our Disney days tonight with Scott after the girls are tucked in.  Specifically where we're planning to stand for the fireworks and Main Street Electrical Parade on day 4 at exactly 8:45 pm... I'm a nutso Disney planner. 
What I'm Reading: The Pioneer Woman.. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, A Love Story
What I'm Listening To: A Great Big World "This is the New Year" Crank it baby and dance with your girls in your kitchen like no one sees you.  And soak in those moments cuz one day they won't be dancing with you in your kitchen... they'll think you're weird. 


  1. Where or where do I start, Tara? So love your summer days! Your little tennis pro is adorable! And please tell Miss Anna she is so beautiful!

    And you...the picture with your yummy pie is perfection. I think you should use that as the cover for the cookbook you should write.

    And Disney? My favorite place on Earth...well next to my home...enjoy your planning...and excitement...and packing! So happy for you all, dear friend! : )

  2. hi!!!!!
    what a perfect post to finally pop back in for!:)
    so much to say and so much to love with this one.
    your little tennis/pool schedule is just perfect. alone time with each girl is very hard to come by, am I right?

    abigail's faces are so cute. and her mad face looks no where near THAT mad!!;)

    how is anna liking her new bike.? how cool is that? the girls got gear bikes too and so far, they love em. and yes, I bet there is a pic with your dad just like that!!:)

    and I agree with billie jo...that pie pic should be on your cookbook for sure. looks so yummy!

    DISNEY!!! where do I begin? we are anxious to go back. soon I hope! we planned ours like crazy too. we had a book that told us the best routes to take through the park to see the most and avoid the probably have the same book am I right?:) we watched the parade (but don't think it was the electrical one cause it was during the day) in front of the bears jamboree and watched the fireworks from on top of the railroad on main street. this was a perfect spot, cause we got there early to save a spot, then dave ran down and got us all cookies from the main street bakery.:) it was also good, cause we got out of the VERY crowded park rather quickly since we were right by the exit!:) where are you guys staying??? call me...seriously! i'm a fl girl remember, I've been there a gillion times!!:)

    have a happy day tara

  3. just heard bakery closed for a starbucks!!!:((((( that is horrific!:) boo!