Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Week

Smack dab in the middle of summer and I'm loving it!  July is just the best month of the year!  Once again, these things just make my oh so happy.  Here we go...

Oh yeah, lunch at home.  That is... my girls are not in the lunch room at school but instead are home with me.  How I love that baby!


But of course here in the same week we did a stop at llbean since we were in the neighborhood for their next year lunch boxes. Last year we went too late and all of the "girl" colors were a bit picked over so this year we took care of that little bit of business early in the summer. Don't worry, they're tucked away for a long, long, long time.


At the pool. This is my favorite picture of Abigail yet this summer.


As soon as we get to the pool Anna is in the water. Not Abigail. She "unpacks" and sets up her chair "just so".


Yes, for like at least a half and hour.

She's a little me.



And this little beauty on Anna. It shows that she passed the deep end test again this year.


And is free to go on this as much as she wants.


Daddy showed her how to pick up speed on the slide... he was so fast all I got was the splash.


And this.




Her on the viola
. Finally after one million, six thousand, four hundred and eighty three tries this whole year she finally mastered the 'D scale'. Oh baby, but who's counting. Viola is a tough instrument to learn with itty bitty fingers.


Puppy Love. No, he's not ours but actually Abigail's wonderful Kindergarten teacher invited us over this week to meet her newest addition.




And we couldn't get enough of his sweet face.


I am certain that if we ever got another dog it would be one just like this.


Puppy tugging and all!


Can you hear the giggles?




Graduate... again! A little dinner to celebrate with the grandparents.

Proud mom love.





Time. Yes, in the summer there is time for fluffy waffles for breakfast. The kind from the up too high shelf waffle maker that usually only comes down on vacation weeks. It's been down all summer now!


Just a little art lesson Abigail got a chance to go to this week. She loved it.


Some days these summer days seem long and luxurious just the way I want them.  But some days like today it feels like one of those toys from long ago... you know the one you hold in your hand and it slips through.  I'm not quite sure why it's a toy because it doesn't do anything but slip.  But today I feel like that about summer.  They days slipping right past us.  I sometimes get that panicked feeling and don't know what to do about it.  So I pack our pool bags and head to the pool.  That always fixes everything!


  1. Love your summer days too, Tara! Just how summer should be! Have a great week, friend.

  2. You take the best pictures!
    I too love having my kiddos home for lunch. I will miss that once school starts. I try to sit down for breakfast with them during the summer as well.

  3. so much to say here!!:)

    so wish we had an llbean store near us!!

    that shot of Abigail IS beautiful!!:) the light and her hair and her smile...perfect!

    love how she sets everything up! and love how that is so you!:)

    way to go anna! and way to go super fast daddy!:)

    and that puppy!!!! we had a golden before riley was born and we will have a golden again someday!!! maybe when Aubrey goes to first grade?!?!?!:) could I stay home another year to care for a puppy?!?!?!?:)) haha that's the only dog I ever see us getting!!

    loved this post and I soooo get that panicked feeling you describe! once I get home from FL things are on and hopping here! school starts the 21st of august!!!!!:(((((

    have a happy day tara