Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tucking Away Kindergarten and Fourth Grade

Okay, so maybe I just had to type the word Kindergarten one more time. You know how much I loved this magical year! Well, one thing we just had to get to before too many days of summer passed were our school bins. Each year we sift through all of the work that came home at the end of the year and decide what should go in their school bins. We also like to visit all of the work that got put in there as the year went on.

There is supposed to be one bin for two years of school. So this is supposed to be Abigail's Kindergarten AND first grade bin. But I just couldn't part with anything so I think I'll have to get another one for First Grade.

Anna took all of these pictures and I think she did a great job. She certainly captured the emotions that we had. Corny... yes I know but that's really how I feel!

Oh this is the yearbook... maybe not blood... but certainly sweat and tears went into this one!



Her teacher wrote a letter to the class that was on the first page. (about growing, and learning, and friendship, and moving on)  So beautiful I cried the first time I read it! And I plan on having her read it the night before the first day of school every year. 


A look down memory lane.




She was jumping up and down here. This from when Grandpa came into the classroom to carve a pumpkin.


And my favorite. The beloved writing binder. Writer's Workshop from September to June.

Look at this piece from September. What does that story say?


To June... now spaces between words and everything!



A kiss and a hug for the bin before it gets packed away. Don't cry mama... at least not in front of them.


The next day we went through Anna's fourth grade bin tucking away a few favorites. 



And yes, I made her save her ratty old homework folder I guess because I saw it every single day for 186 days!


Can you tell I dragged her away from something she was in the middle of?  :)






collage 13 15

I'm so very proud of you girls! You worked harder than I could even ask for in Kindergarten and Fourth Grade. I'm so glad you know the value of trying your best. Mommy and Daddy will always be here to support you in your education. In fact, we'll be here every step of the way cheering you on. We love you!


  1. I keep those ratty old homework folders too! Too many memories to part with! And you, my friend, are beautiful!

  2. I, too, keep the ratty, old, homework folders :) Beautiful post!

  3. we love going through all the treasures a school year brings. and looking back through the old ones too.
    beautiful work you girls did this year!
    you should be very proud!!:)

  4. coming back to could I have not commented on
    THE YEARBOOK!!!!:)
    they look amazing! good job mama!:)


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