Monday, March 4, 2013

A Real Baby 'doll'


collage 1

Where should I start?  Well, it's been a crazy week but I finally feel like we're back to a normal schedule here.  Last week...

* my car died... but we got it fixed
* I walked the girls to school... I was grumpy but I like the fresh air
* Scott's car fix up was put on the back burner until we recover from my cars repairs
* Abigail had a gastroenterology appointment where we decided that our little "below the 5th percentile in weight" daughter would have another endoscopy in the hospital at the end of March.
* all the regular activities with my cell phone close by my side with my heart thumping all week waiting for a call...

...from my sister in law who said that I could be in the room with her during her labor and delivery.  It was a remarkable experience to say the least.  There really are no words now and I could barely talk during labor as everyone else was cheering her on.  I think I was in shock that I was there.  But my camera sure did some talking.  I took almost 500 pictures over the nine hours I was there.  Some day when I'm done editing them (and Jackie gives me permission) I'll share a few. 

But for now...

I wasn't really expecting this much love and this much joy radiating from my daughter's as they held their new cousin.  I know that they are "baby loving" girls.  They both still play with baby dolls; especially Abigail, feeding them, changing them, loving them.  But they oozed with love for their new cousin. baby boy Kye. 

Just look at my Anna's face...


And my little Abigail... when I saw her here I felt like she'd been waiting her whole life to hold a real baby doll.


One of my favorite pictures of Abigail ever.


collage 6

And when he twitched a little...


Checking out his tininess...


There's something I loved about Abigail here.


collage 9

Pure Joy!



  1. Oh Tara...these are just beautiful! How you captured the joy of loving a new life...stunning! What a wonderful moment for you to be there... Your girls are beautiful, and their mommy is too!

    Glad your busy week is behind you. Here's hoping this week finds you home, safe and sound with a cup of tea!

  2. oh goodness these shots!!:)
    i wish i had captured moments like that when each of the girls were born! what a treasure!!
    and i can see their love just radiating out! they are gonna be two happy mamas someday.
    have a happy day tara

  3. Those pictures are precious. There's nothing quite like a newborn baby:) Welcome Kye!!