Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day

On March 1st I took down our winter decorations and put out our St. Patrick's Day books and began decorating for Easter. So there are bunnies all around my house on place mats, on kitchen towels, in baskets and in books. And outside is a winter wonderland. Here in Connecticut we're sure used to snow days but when they come in March we all start thinking about how we'll never get to the last day of school. We've sure had a bundle of snow days this year and with February and April vacations I'm certain we'll be going to school until July! But you know me, I love a good snow day!

The girls are done with the magic of playing in the snow. Today after lunch I asked if they wanted to get bundled up and play in the snow outside. Their answer? "no thanks, we want to stay in where it's warm and cozy."

collage 1

So we're filling our day with the things they love. They declared it a 'readathon'. We're playing kitchen in the playroom. We're eating our lunches out of our lunchboxes since they were already packed. We're getting in a longer viola practice, and doing some math and Kindergarten word ring. We're just together and I love it!

This weekend we're looking forward to

~indoor tennis if they have it with the snow
~Abigail's first time in the Saint Patrick's Day parade (with her Irish Step class)... boy, I sure hope it warms up a bit tomorrow!
~Anna's art school on Saturday morning
~ Mass on Saturday afternoon
~teaching church school on Sunday morning


  1. The snow is melting outside our window! Have a wonderful weekend, Tara!

  2. love that picture of abigail!
    we only had two good snowfalls this year so they played in them till they were frigid...several times!
    i know you enjoyed that snowday!
    have a happy day tara