Monday, March 25, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk and Snow

First, of course, a little music for you...


All across the country (well at least here in New England) we are waiting for Spring. I'm sure she'll make a grand entrance after this long winter.


Abigail has been asking to play outside every day. So I bundle her up (me too) and we've started to bring a few outside toys into our mudroom. So far just a basket of sidewalk chalk. But yes, there's snow on the ground so we didn't last too long. Just a bit of fresh air feels good.


It's Holy Week and were are loving it. A bit a quiet week around here. I'm going to go to a few of the Holy Week services that our church has instead of going crazy doing a bunch of Easter crafts with my girls. I'm feeling a call to reflection and peace this week.

The girls are feeling a bit of spring fever despite the weather. Cold and flurries today and yesterday. Abigail is very concerned about the Easter Bunny getting confused on Easter morning. Excuse the bed head, the daddy in the background with loud pots and pans as he flips pancakes in their favorite shapes. I love that she's this little.

Here it is... a goofy video! 

And in my fourth grade Religious Education class we made Paschal candles. They did and amazing job. (I only had my cell phone) They carved the design in the wax with a dull pencil and then painted it red. I love how it soaked into their etchings.

(please excuse the cell phone pictures)



  1. Tara!! Thank you for that adorable video! She is sooo sweet, and I was able to put voices to the pictures of the dear friends I have made here...

    And please tell her that Flynn is concerned about the same thing...she says she hopes the Easter Bunny knows it is not Christmas! Oh and I love the new header!

    Have a blessed, peaceful Holy Week , friend...

    P.S. If you ever want to chat, you can email me anytime!

  2. sweetest sweetest video ever!!:)
    the girls loved watching that...over and over and over....!!:)
    beautiful picture of her too.
    have a happy day tara