Monday, March 11, 2013

You Are My Sunshine


My little flower arranger. There's nothing like a little bunch of yellow flowers on the kitchen sill to cheer things up a bit and remind me that spring is coming...

abigail with flowers

I'm falling drastically behind on all of my pictures and my to do lists. So I thought I'd put up one quick photo. But of course every photo makes me think.

It amazes me how much it means to me when I let them do things for themselves. When it would be quicker, neater, easier to do things alone I don't allow them the joy of trying. When I'm rushed and frazzled and I don't stop to enjoy her trying something new I loose out. When all she wants to do is put the flowers in her way just the way she thinks they'll look perfect and I want to rearrange I miss giving her the satisfaction of a job well done. When I stop and watch her instead of checking something else off my to do list I can see so much. How much my Grandfather who was a florist would have adored her; how her hands are still so little but not for too long; how she takes her time and really does smell the roses.

I'm so grateful to too many pictures.  Each and every one of them telling their story and mine too. 

I'm looking forward to some warmer weather coming soon.  As they say... in like a lion... out like a lamb... 


  1. very true! Sometimes I catch myself and say, "Be in this moment..." Thank you for the reminder , friend! And your pictures always speak volumes! : )

  2. i so hear ya on this one! i am feeling so nostalgic right along with you...when i watch aubrey say no no i can do it and she draaags the big island chair over to the cabinet to get the nutella out then draaags it back and it takes way longer then it would have taken me to just grab it!! i hear ya! but i let her and i love it! i wish i was taking more pictures and videos but as always you inspire me to do just that! today is gonna be a "tara day!" especially since you and your sweet family are so in my mind cause i have sat here and caught up on all i have missed!:))) (sick of seeing me in your inbox yet??)
    thank you for reminding me to put down the list and pick UP the camera!!
    have a happy day tara