Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sisters Who Play Together Stay Together

Their theme sister song


My girls are inseparable.  There is no need for play dates around here.  They have each other and they are best friends.  Yes, and like best friends they have their moments... but usually Abigail wines, Anna gives in and happily they go on. 

Anna has had a lot of extra work around here lately.  Like her "Plan a Day Trip to NYC" research project along with extra math we make her do, practice viola, and the fact that we can not get her nose out of Harry Potter has given Abigail a bit of extra time on her hands.




At first she didn't know what to do.  She wandered, she followed, she waited.  And then she found out that writing letters to me, her teacher, her sister, her best friend from church was where it's at. 


Kindergarten surely has changed this girl.  She is a confident writer; listening to all of the sounds in her words and writing them down.  She now has spaces (mostly) between her words, and I can read it without a problem (most times)  Don't ya just love the millions of hearts? 


But at the end of the day when she just doesn't get enough Anna time she falls apart.  Like tonight after Anna was finally all done with her work and I told Anna to close Harry Potter for the seventh time she asked her sister to snuggle in her bed with her under the covers. 


They need each other and I'm grateful, so very grateful that they have each other.  Best friends to the end. 


  1. How wonderful is this, sweet that they are so close. And play dates are overrated anyway! Have a wonderful weekend friend! : )

  2. yeah...we hear a lot of "riley please put the book down and play with your sisters" over here too!!:) but the love is so fierce isn't it! and i love that!
    abigails writing is so absolutley adorable! love those lightbulbs turning on full speed that year.:)
    and i really love those snuggles under the covers.
    have a happy day tara