Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We made a little change in our schedule a few weeks back. We switched Masses. Forever we've gone to 10 am Mass on Sunday mornings. We know everyone there. It feels like home to us. We adore our parish and couldn't imagine being anywhere else on Sunday mornings.

And then last year I started teaching Anna's religious education classes that meet every Sunday morning the hour before Mass. While I would head out the door with Anna to 'church school' Scott would stay home with Abigail and finish cleaning up breakfast and get her ready for Mass. Then he would meet us there. It was fine but somehow this year it started feeling like "too much" (see a theme in my blog lately?)

I would be gone so long on Sunday mornings that I'd have to pack snacks for Anna and I. I hated driving home from Mass in two separate cars. I hated not doing Abigail's hair for Mass and getting her in her pretty dress. It just bugged me.

So over so much time reading Billie Jo's weekend plans (and going to church on Saturday afternoons was always there) I decided to make a change for us. And guess what? We love it! Although it feels a bit foreign to get all church dressed up in the middle of Saturday, we've gotten used to it. It makes our Sunday mornings so relaxing. Anna and I often have a quick breakfast on our way out the door to church school and then come home to a little 'brunch' coming out of the oven when we get home. I can prepare it on Saturday night and Scott slides it in while Anna and I are gone.

And on Saturday afternoons I load up my crockpot with dinner so that when we walk in from Mass right before dinner, it's waiting for us. Oh I love this change for us!


Of course I love that we are missed by our friends on Sunday mornings. But the good news is that we only have church school three out of four weeks in a month so that once a month we'll go back to Sunday mornings. But we'll all be together. And I like that.


  1. happy the change is working out for you! We started going Saturdays a long time ago when Steve used to work every Saturday until 3. He was already in nice clothes and we just got ready and went when he got home. That gave us Sunday to spend together.

    He no longer works Saturdays...yay!...but we still go to Mass then. And come home to a yummy dinner, just like you! Have a wonderful day, dear friend! : )

  2. Our church has a Saturday 6:00 service that we at times attend. I love going to this service because we make a night of it. Sometimes we will go out to dinner before or ice cream after.
    By the way your dinner looks WONDERFUL!

  3. Glad to hear things are working out for the better :-) Love cooking with the crock pot all the comforts in one place and delicious smells thoughout our homes! :-) Have a lovely evening!


  4. isn't it funny how simple little changes can make such a big difference!:) glad you guys found this new little routine. good ol' billie jo!!:)

    well...hows that for a TON of comments from me!!!:)
    you should certainly have a HAPPY DAY now with all these multiple well wishes!:) now i better get's almost 7!!!:)

    have a happy happy day tara