Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Signs of Spring

Spring music for ya...


Well spring is tomorrow and we woke up to a storm. Snow and a two hour school delay. Followed by freezing rain and more snow.


(look like he wants to come in)

But the perfect opportunity to cozy up with another cup of tea in front of the fireplace tonight with Scott. So I don't mind really.

And this snow will not keep me from having a little spring in my kitchen. And all around my house.

(cooking from this cookbook starting today... snow and all!)


The birds sure are happy from my view out of the family room.


There is no group viola class this afternoon so we'll have a much needed school night with no extra activities. Italian soup from my spring cookbook and a nice loaf of bread is just what the weatherman ordered.

(do you love my new little egg cups for Anna's soft boiled eggs?  Only .50 each)


One of the best parts of living in New England is looking forward to spring.  We sure are around here! 


  1. Love every single thing about this, Tara...We had some ice here too, and a 2 hour delay. The sun is out now, though.

    Enjoy your tea tonight. I will think of you while I am having mine! : )

  2. Everything looks so adorable and it looks like the birds are happy and well fed! Enjoy the snow :-)


  3. You present Old Man Winter in such a beautiful way!!!

  4. wow...did i seriously miss this much when i was "away?":) you are so good at keeping this blog updated!.
    we are finally seeing spring around here and we are loving it.
    i really want a (several) bird feeders but here is the scary truth...i'm afraid of mice!! does all that seed really attract them cause that would SOOOOOO way freak me out:)
    have a happy day tara


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