Monday, March 11, 2013

The Saint Patrick's Day Parade

I looked at her today a bit differently.  I saw her in a different light.  You know, that 'my baby looks older and is growing up light.'  At first I felt proud like a 'look at my girl' pride but then that melancholy feeling settled in.  I couldn't believe that she was able to march in the whole parade stopping to dance the little Irish Jig over and over along the parade route. 

I pulled a little red wagon in case she got tired, but she didn't need it until the parade was done and she was so tired she could barely walk.  So I pulled her back to the car.

(waiting for her turn to join in the parade)
collage 1 2


(love this one of her... waiting, watching the big kids rehearse)


(group pictures... I'm not sure what my goofy girl is laughing at)
collage 6 7



(a little friend from her class)

(the beautiful capitol building in Connecticut)

(she's got her flag... lining up in the street.. ready to go!)

(And the Irish Jig which they did over and over and OVER though out the parade route)
colalge 13

(Sandy Hook... Newtown... was very present at this event as a reminder that we will never forget)

It was a super fun but overwhelming for her kind of day.  She really didn't know what to make of the crowds cheering every time they did the jig.  At one point along the parade route (where the crowd was less families and more the college partying kind) the crowd cheered like I couldn't believe.  One person even ran out and gave her a green carnation.  She was delighted.

What a wonderful first experience for Abigail (and for her mom) And what a wonderful way to celebrate Saint Patrick's day! 

When we were home that evening she complained that her feet ached.  I told her that she had PARADEACITIS.  Oh how I love little five year olds who really believe that paradeacitis is a condition.  Bless her heart; her little dancing heart. 

(this was about the 29th time she was doing the jig and boy was she exhausted)

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  1. wow! that is a BIG day for her.
    glad that everyone cheered and made her feel special. and love that video...she does look like she might fall over at any moment.:)
    have a happy day tara