Thursday, March 14, 2013

End of the Week

roses in the bathroom

I'm sure glad that this school week is almost over.  Anna had the Connecticut Mastery Test for two weeks in school and I took my "make sure they get a good night sleep and a good breakfast" seriously.  She ate mushroom quiche, egg and sausage breakfast bakes, and other items that would make you think it was brunch in here every morning. 

Scott did his share too.  They spent hours preparing... math mostly.  (Yes, we make Anna do extra math every single night even after her homework)  And he left the most encouraging notes every single morning. 

While Anna and Daddy could be found here after dinner

cmt 1

cmt 2

Abigail could be found her with Mommy and her bath friends. 

abigail in tub 2

abigail in tub 1

This weekend I'm looking forward to

~tennis with the girls
~ art school for Anna on Saturday morning.  (although I have to bring Abigail along since Scott has class... usually I like to browse some of my favorite stores)
~ Saturday afternoon Mass
~ teaching church school on Sunday morning
~ doing a saint Patrick's day craft with the girls in the afternoon and baking shamrock cookies

I'm sure Scott and I will fit in an "at home" date night and relax a bit. 

Tomorrow I'm off to a newborn photo shoot of my nephew.  My camera has been a bit off lately.  I'm hoping it comes out okay.  And I have a bunch of errands to do for Easter along with a few items I still need for Saint Patrick's Day.  I cringe thinking about that kind of day since I love being home getting everything done around here.  Home is my happy place.  But sometimes I have to check a few things off my shopping list.  Do you ever avoid it for as long as you can?

Here's to a happy Friday!


  1. Good morning, Tara...and I love this post...I love hearing what your plans for the weekend are. Makes me feel like we aren't miles ans miles apart. Keep these ones coming!!

    I know what you mean about those pesky testing weeks...we only have them for 1 week. I couldn't imagine 2!!

    Have a good day today. And I know exactly what you are feeling about a "not at home day". I am always sooo happy when I pull in the garage and have that feeling that all my running is done, and I am home! I love your "Home is my happy place". Wonderful way of putting feelings into words...

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. we had a week and a half of testing too and i was so glad (as were the girls) when all of that was over!
    love abigail and her friends and anna and scott studying.:)
    home is our happy place too.
    have a happy day tara