Friday, March 22, 2013

Just Another Day Managing a Cronic Disease

We were HERE again today.  I wrote about it back here.  Today... I'm not up for a new rewrite.  I've lost count on how many times I watched her get an IV, been put to sleep, wake up from an endoscopy, and take her home with a bad report.  I'm down and it just stinks I tell you. 

But there were a few good things from today. 

We got the BEST nurses today.  Her IV nurse was the one I pray for on my drive in.  She's quick with that needle and gets it in on the first try.  And oh that recovery nurse... new to us although usually I know everyone by now. She was so sweet.  She let us take our time waking up Abigail.  And she was slow and sympathetic to Abigail when she had to pull of those too sticky heart monitor stickers.  But that anesthesiologist... she was too young, no kids yet for sure, too quick, no warmth and that diamond on her hand... I'm surprised she could hold up her hand. 


And my BRAVE girl.  So brave she barely cries.  Just some silent tears down her face when her IV goes in even though kids all around her scream when it's their turn. 


But of course we want a good report; want this to end.  But we smile and take one day in day surgery at a time.  That's all we know to do.  Because she teaches us to be brave, to be strong, to know that "it's no big deal."  Oh how we love our little girl. 

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  1. Oh my friend...I am sad for your little sweetheart...she is such a trooper. I can only imagine how hard these days are for you. How I wish we lived closer and I could go with you or make a pot of hot soup and warm biscuits for when you get home.

    My prayers are going to have to do I guess...I hope you have a relaxing weekend together!

  2. Dear Tara,

    Thank you so much for dropping by the other day and leaving your kind words.

    I am so sorry to read this. I googled your little one's diagnosis and my heart goes out to all of you...your little one for what she has to endure, but to the rest of you as well as this clearly takes a toll on each family member.

    Sending hugs and lots of prayers your way.


  3. Hugs and kisses to your little sweetie pie. I always find it amazing how strong these little ones much they can teach us.

  4. Your daughters are so adorable. Thank you for letting me peak into a little of you blog. Blessings to your family!

  5. Oh your sweet brave little one. Keeping you all in my prayers.

  6. oh tara, my heart is breaking again for her.:(( she is so brave and teaching us all so much.