Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jammie Day

A day to wear your jammies to school is a BIG day in Kindergarten. And boy was Abigail excited!

collage 3

(and her big sister with her nose ALWAYS in a book... you know I adore that but of course I'm sure I told her sixteen times by then to get her shoes and jacket on)

Slippers that have to go right in the wash!


Yes, Abigail is one little girl and her mama is one too that adores Kindergarten. It's full day and I miss her like crazy. I try not to think about it too much (how many hours she really is there) And of course there is too much to do at home. Just keeping the frig and pantry stocked (and pretty because I have to) and cooking keeps me rushing around every day!

She loves Kindergarten because...

~ her sister is at the same school and when they see each other in the hallway they wave and sometimes cross over for a hug. (I always get the "I saw Anna today" post as soon as I pick her up at the end of her day)
~ she adores all of the kids in her class (I love that about Kindergartners... all Kinders I'm sure all across the country... there is no "I like her and her but not her" yet... they're all just best friends boys and girls)
~ she thinks her teacher is the cherry on top.. and she is
~ she loves the learning and boy is the reading coming along
~ she loves getting books at the library
~ she loves recess (most of the time)

Yes, Kindergarten rocks~


  1. Yes, my kids love pj day at school. This year they had it in the fall when it was still a bit warm but I think a cold winter day would be better.

  2. What a sweet day for a sweet girl, my friend...hope it was fun! She looks perfect!!

    Have a wonderful week, Tara!

    P.S. soooo glad the folders are fun for you, would love a picture or a post! : )

  3. oh pajama day!!!:) love!
    she looks so happy. don't you wish it was such a welcomed and celebrated event for us to stay in our jammies all day!!:)
    and anna...oh i feel your pain mama! i see she is reading harry potter! when riley started that series we didn't see her for days!!! literally!:) and i love peter from the snowy day on the fridge. one of my all time faves!!:)
    have a happy day tara

    did you see my post from monday? immediatley thought of you when i read that book and saw the movie!!! you must show the girls! we have watched it like 10 times!:)
    **be prepared for sad**
    but it's a happy sad

  4. Kindergarten is awesome!!
    LOVE the pic with Anna in the background reading, so cute!

  5. yeah!!!! i made it back to a post i commented on! i am officailly caught up on your world!:)
    i'm sure you're gonna have the happiest day every with all those "have a happy day tara' wishes!!:)
    it's kind of bugging me that i didn't do it in reverse order...so that this would be the first top one in your inbox..does that make sense...i'm weird never mind!
    we need to chat on the phone...that would just complete this day.

    did you ever go look at the book i talked about here in my first comment?? YOU MUST!!!!!!:)


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