Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sweet Bathtub Fun


Sometimes don't you just want to remember, really remember what your child looked like because you know that one day if a picture wasn't snapped you wouldn't remember?  So just for me... so I'll remember. 

silly hair

sweet looking to the side

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  1. i was just thinking i needed to post about those nighttime routines that happen every single day and we sometimes take for granted...i want to remember those too. (MOST days!!!:))

    thanks for your swet comment yesterday.
    (do you know how to change your setting so people can reply to your comments? i keep trying to and you come up "noreply blogger". i think it is in your setting somewhere...then i could just hit reply right on your comment and type away!!:)

    as far as what we r doing this last week...no real inspiration here sadly!:( we are meeting friends at the park today and maybe hitting the pool tomorrow. i wish i was a wee bit more inspirational myself!!:)