Sunday, August 19, 2012

Regular Days

My "Regular Days" posts are my version of instagram.  Since I have a 'dinosaur' phone I use my little point and shoot for my regular days.  Drag the pictures into picsa, create a collage, and wala... I've got my own instagram post!

regular days 3

baking for vacation to Maine (we have to bring all of Abigail's food whereever we go... amazing... there was a study that just came out stating that raising a child with EoE... her disease... is very stressful... no kidding)
yes, that's what my wedding ring often looks like since I'm always in the kitchen
hanging with cousins for the day
at the air and space museum
together at the pool with cousins
cousin emily passed the deep end swim test... so she could go off the diving board and slide... yahoo!
licking the beater (man, I think that's been every time I do a regular days post)

Have a happy week everyone. I tried to redo my comment section so that it would be easier to leave a comment. Let me know if it's any better... hope it is! :)


  1. cute pictures :) Any way you could send me some?? Especially of Michael since I don't have to many .. haha..

  2. what a great week tara...i see we both baked cookies!:)...and had fun at the pool!!:) we seem to travel in the same cirlces only in different states!:) haha
    pretty ring and pretty're so fancy!!:)
    have a happy day and enjoy your last week right?!?!:)

  3. yeah!!!!!! leaving a comment was a BREEZE! no more straining my early morning eyes to read those silly made up words!:) haha

    now just work on that noreply blogger thing and you're set!:)