Sunday, August 12, 2012


I wanted to finish up my pictures of Maine since before I know it they'll be 'back to school' ones to look through.  I am so very far behind in my photo albums for the girls but am determined to stay caught up with my pictures on the blog.  Some day I'll tackle the photo album project...

We were so happy (and the girls were too) that my parents were able to come with us.  "It's WAY more fun!" Abigail told me on the car ride home.  And it was!

At night we had bedtime parties in our hotel rooms watching the Olympics with popcorn... the best!!!

on the couch looking

on the couch olympics

Just a few last snaphots...

abi and grandpa

anna and daddy

On our last day together we spent the day in beautiful Ogunquit.  We enjoyed a walk along the shore.  Beautiful... and a photographers dream location.  Of course I only had bright noon day sun and my little point and shoot. 

abi and grandma

abi posing on the rocks

ohh I think I stay here next time... dreaming!

anna and grandpa

on the rocks with the girls

with daddy

with grandpa

looking over

family by the sea

Candy shops in cute little beach towns

lolipops i want that one

And then we went canoeing which was fun too. 


At to Freeport Maine and LLBean for Abigail's first school backpack and lunchbox :(


Vacations are wonderful even if they are short.  It's always so nice to get away and away from regular days. 

abi and mommy

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  1. WOW that place is beautiful:) i think i could "dream" of staying there too. the girls were looking over my shoulder as i read this post and they both said abigail looks like her grandpa!!!!:) it's those eyes:)
    and janey jumped up and down when she saw the backpack...she had the very same lunch box last year!!:) too sweet.
    this is our last starts on friday for (just two hours) how can i make this week s.t.r.e.t.c.h.???
    have a happy day tara


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