Friday, August 17, 2012

An American Girl Day

So my Mom and I took the girls to the American Girl Doll store in Boston today; a special celebration day for Anna and her Adoption Day.

There was lunch at the Bistro(and we all got our picture taken but I've yet to scan in for blogger
cool bathrooms that even holds your doll
a whole room of Bitty Baby
looking and looking and looking for that one special outfit to take home

a wonderful day for sure!


(check out that tired mom on the left lugging her daughter's dolls :) )


  1. Hi again Tara! Thanks so much for hopping over to my blog! And thanks for the comment! I would love to become a follower of yours, but for some reason I can't see how... maybe let me know so I can follow you? Thanks and have a great weekend! Oh and that day looked sooo fun! : )

  2. oh...i better not let the girls see this post!!! janey is saving her allowance to buy mckenna!
    and oh the bitty baby favorite!
    what a fun day. and you only posted one pricture!! you're good!:) haha
    have a happy day tara

  3. just a trial comment... trying out some new comment settings.