Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Little Surfer Girl

up close

Taken with my "little camera" and in the point and shoot mode... I had fun looking through these when we got home from Maine.

4 with grandpa

Her Grandpa bought her a boogie board (at least that's what we called them when I was 7 and lived in Hawaii) and she loved loved loved it!

5 grandpa shows the way

1 cathin a wave

Love this one!

2 smilin in the waves

She was in the water for hours, and her bravery surprised Scott and I for sure! She's a beach girl... just like her Grandma!

3 the surfer pose

And from the best teacher and sweet friend Lisa

the long road

1 comment:

  1. that first shot is amazing!!! point and shoot really?!?!?!:) the girls had so much fun riding the waves on their bellies...i think a boogie board might have sent them giggling for hours. have to remember one of those next time!:)
    have a happy day tara

    clicked on your friends link...beautiful site!! will you be my "sweet dear friend" who teaches me photography?!?!?!:)
    pretty please:)


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